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Retrospect Athletics sells Sneaker Slippers?

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We had a lot of discussion on our team about selling hype beast slippers. We’ve been selling our throwback jerseys for almost four years and we wondered if we should “stay in our lane”. Then we started discussing our frustrations with current slippers. Sure, Gucci slides are cool but we can’t afford those. Your next option is something along the Haviannas route but how annoying is the piece that sits between your big toe and middle toe – Ouch! We wanted something comfy and swaggy. We reached out to several manufacturers' and were able to find one who was making slippers inspired by our favorite sneakers. We saw the competitors pricing and felt like we could beat it. Hence our sneaker slipper collection was born.  We’re super excited to share with you our team’s top 5 favorites.

Black Cement III


Air Mag


 Concord XI



 Human Race Yellow

350 Zebras

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